Dems make hay

Gov. Brian Sandoval's slow responses to the dispute over Nevada busing hundreds of mental patients out of state has been countered by the Nevada Democratic Party's rapid responses to each development, which have often been in very harsh terms.

The party has tracked the story closely and its spokesperson Zack Hudson has sent out dozens of news releases since the story broke. Each time there is a new development, a Hudson release follows quickly with subject lines like “BREAKING: Sandoval Administration Admits to Lying About Last Week's New Patient Dumping Case.”

The Democratic releases have made sure that some news gets from one end of the state to another quickly, as when Las Vegas' KTNV reported that a patient was sent out of state on April 24, after the original story was reported by the Sacramento Bee and after the Sandoval administration had said new safeguards were in place.

On another occasion, KVVU in Las Vegas reported that one patient said she was removed from the state twice. Hudson quickly sent the news statewide.