Dems accuse Heck of working

One of the peculiar run-ups to the Nevada Republican presidential caucuses was that Nevada Democrats tried to make an issue of U.S. Rep. Joe Heck failing to attend them.

The Nevada Democratic Party put out a news release headed, “NV Dems Statement on Congressman Heck Skipping the Caucuses to Return to Adoptive Hometown of Washington.”

Heck’s likely opponent in the U.S. Senate race, Catherine Cortez Masto, issued her own statement: “Nevadans fought hard for our early state status on the presidential nominating calendar, and it’s a shame Congressman Heck will not help protect that by participating in the Republican caucuses tomorrow evening. I was proud to participate in the Democratic caucuses this last Saturday because I believe Nevadans deserve a say in selecting the nominees to be our next president.”

Republican Heck was in D.C. when caucuses were held. The Democrats seemed to find this unseemly, if not an indictable offense.

D.C. is where the U.S. House of Representatives is. Heck is a member of the House, which met from 2:01 in the afternoon until 9:20 in the evening of caucus day, Feb. 23. There were at least five votes in the House on that date. Two of them were roll call votes, and Heck was recorded as voting on both those measures.