Democrats pander to illegal aliens for votes

“The Democratic Party looks at massive immigration, legal and illegal, as a source of voters.” —Representative Tom Tancredo, R-Colo.

Perhaps you have heard of, or maybe you even witnessed, the recent rally in the Truckee Meadows during the National Day of Action, which was apparently designed to be part of a nationwide economic boycott that had immigrants and supporters avoiding either work or purchasing anything for the day.

As close as I can figure, the event only made it difficult to get Mexican food for lunch. Otherwise, I’m guessing the intended consequences on the economy were minimal—except for those who may have lost their jobs by checking out for the day.

A Reno Gazette-Journal article that ran shortly after the event had this: “ ‘The peaceful demonstration that was supposed to show the immigrants’ economic impact in Northern Nevada also revealed their political power,’ said Laura Mijanovich, Northern Nevada coordinator for the American Civil Liberties Union.”

For the uninitiated, it was vote-seeking Democrats and the usual cadre of busy-body activists (like the ACLU) who got their collective pantyhose in a wad over Congressional legislation that seeks to make it a felony offense for anyone found present in the United States in contravention of current immigration laws.

Just so I’m clear, the correct and accurate term for these individuals is “illegal aliens” or perhaps “illegal foreign nationals.” They are not “undocumented workers” any more than the Minuteman protesters in Arizona last year were “undocumented Border Patrol Agents.”

But Democrats (who would like nothing more than to give such individuals both legitimacy and the right to vote) huff and puff about the plight of the huddled masses and label the issue of illegal immigration as one of “human rights.”

As proof of that agenda, here’s the aforementioned in the same article: “Immigrants today are marching,” she said. “Tomorrow they will be voting.”

For such individuals, here’s a newsflash: There is no right—whether human or otherwise—to automatic legitimacy. To insist otherwise is both intellectually dishonest and an outright lie.

Furthermore, there is nothing more truly offensive to me than a bunch of illegal people in this country making “demands” for anything. Unless, of course, you consider the otherwise legal persons who happen to agree with such ridiculous nonsense.

Fortunately, I am not in the minority this time around. Consider this: “Americans polled by Time magazine show strong support for a guest-worker program and a process for undocumented workers to become citizens, but they take a tough stance on securing the borders. And most do not want illegal immigrants to have access to health care, public education or driver’s licenses.”

“A large majority, 71 percent, favor major penalties for people who hire illegal immigrants; 62 percent want the United States to take “whatever steps are necessary” to secure the border with Mexico, including posting military forces; and 56 percent favor a 2,000-mile-long fence. That two-pronged approach to illegal immigration is the same one favored by President Bush, who wants both a guest-worker program and tighter border security.

“Americans’ biggest concerns about illegal immigration appear to be economic: 61 percent of those polled say they are very concerned about the cost of providing health care and education to illegal immigrants. A substantial majority, 75 percent, say they should not be allowed to have government services, such as health care or food stamps, and 69 percent say they shouldn’t be able to get a driver’s license. A slight majority, 51 percent, think public schools ought to be off-limits.”

Now that we’re clear here, can we perhaps agree that Democrats (et al) shouldn’t have to import votes to validate their agenda?