Democrats fail to get wild

GOP yearns for extremist 2015 agenda

CARSON CITY, Nev.—Republicans in the Nevada Legislature are beginning to taunt their Democratic counterparts for being unable to successfully market extremism.

“In 2015, when we had the majority in both houses, you didn’t see us pussyfooting around passing sensible legislation,” said Senate Republican leader Michael Roberson. “We enacted an uncooked ridesharing statute, passed a George Zimmerman law, brought wages down to subsistence levels, killed marriage equality, and created $5,000 grants for parents who took their children out of public school. We were fanatical before Trump made it cool.”

The GOP caucus in the Assembly engaged in a wide-ranging discussion this week of the “pablum”—as one legislator called it—that Democrats are pushing—health care, school funding, alternative energy measures, correcting the 2015 ridesharing law, preventing nuclear waste storage.

“In the state of Cliven Bundy and Sharron Angle, the Democrats are never going to get voters to the polls by focusing on the roads we drive on, the houses we live in, the schools our children attend, the health care we get,” said Assembly GOP leader Paul Anderson. “The record shows we know lunacy best.”