Democratic infighting will give GOP victory

The big question that haunts many of us with this year’s election: Who’s it going to be? Who is going to win the Democratic nomination?

Sen. Hillary Clinton and Sen. Barack Obama are neck in neck, with Obama only pulling in a slight lead. Who will be the candidate? They are still fighting over this spot, and it is now very late in the game.

The fact of the matter is that this fighting among the Democratic Party is hurting the candidates on that side of the spectrum. With the nomination up in the air, they still have to focus on the other possible candidate versus going up against the Republican nominee. This childish battle for the nomination is pushing the Democratic Party apart instead of bringing it together.

Each of these candidates speaks of change and unity, but they lack unity among themselves. The fight has dragged on, each trying to find dirt on the other to help themselves pull ahead in the battle for the nomination.

With a race for the presidency, each potential candidate must focus on their own party until one of the candidates wins the party nomination. The Republican Party knows who its candidate will be, and now it can focus on the country as a whole. Now that Sen. John McCain has gained enough delegates to be the candidate for president, he can look at what citizens across the country want, instead of just within his own party.

Since there is not yet a candidate for president on the Democratic side, they must still struggle within their party and lose any advantage they might have had of unifying the country behind them. When battling against other Democrats, the candidates must focus far to the left, but when battling for the win against the Republicans, they’ll need to emphasize their more moderate positions in order to appease more of the population.

The Democrats have not been able to do this thus far, and they still do not have the attention of half the nation. This fight for the nomination should bring skepticism to people across the nation. Obama and Clinton speak of change and unity, but they are not showing that they can even provide unity within their own party, let alone the nation.

If the fight for the nomination goes all the way to August, then the person nominated will face a struggle in rallying the nation to their way of thinking. This is beneficial for the Republican Party, but it’s going to hurt whoever ends up being the Democratic candidate.

This fight is amusing, but it is getting old. People are having a hard time deciding who they want to be their candidate in this key election. The Democrats have two candidates that would make their mark in history if they were to be elected. With this, they are making history, but they are also hurting themselves. The need to make a difference in history is so great they forget about the big picture. What the party needs to do is rally behind one person, which is their only hope.

The need for change and unity is so strong with this election that Obama and Clinton are driving their own party apart from the inside. If you look within our own community, people are divided, many looking to separate sides of their party. The nation is divided, breaking the Democratic side further apart, and this will only help the Republican nominee in the long run.