Definitely, Maybe

Rated 3.0

This totally implausible romantic comedy winds up being a pleasant experience mainly because of the superb casting. Ryan Reynolds, who should be a big star by now, plays a dad about to get divorced and dealing with a daughter (Abigail Breslin) who just experienced her first sex education class. This gets her to asking questions about her origins, which leads to daddy telling a bedtime story that has a mystery twist: He changes the name of past girlfriends, and doesn’t let his daughter know which one turns out to be her mom. That sounds silly, but Reynolds and company (including Elizabeth Banks, Rachel Weisz and the stunningly great Isla Fisher as the girlfriends) pull it off. Director Adam Brooks provides the film with a nice sense of balance, keeping things sweet without letting them get too hokey. Reynolds continues to impress; he’s effortlessly funny and charming, making all the fuss over him seem realistic. Breslin, as usual, is adorable.