Deck the Halls

Rated 1.0

This one starts well enough, but it will have you wanting to die by film’s end. Matthew Broderick plays finicky neighbor to Danny DeVito, and they basically piss all over each other. DeVito, sick of not being the best at anything, wants people to see his house from space, so he rigs a whole lotta Christmas lights, much to Broderick’s chagrin. The hilarity continues as DeVito uses horses with antlers duct-taped onto them for reindeer, and Broderick falls down in camel poo. Of course, the wives get angry, and the children are threatened with no daddy at Christmas. Will the enemies band together and become buddies in the end, thus saving Christmas and fulfilling the requisite holiday movie clichés? With this, we basically have two talented guys making asses of themselves. By the time a crowd busts out a Christmas carol at film’s end, you’ll be ready to puke, and puke hard.