Debut dreams

High school junior strives to translate artistic skill into a fashion career

“Welcome to Insanity,” digital painting, Melissa Mulock, North Star Online School

“Welcome to Insanity,” digital painting, Melissa Mulock, North Star Online School

by Alex Toller | North Star Online School

Marissa Mulock is a high school junior and an artist. Her favorite part is the creative aspect, because she feels that it lets her express herself in ways that she cannot in real life.

Mulock designs characters inspired by her friends and music. She is quite passionate about drawing all the ideas flowing through her mind whenever she listens to music or converses with a friend. Her aspirations are to get into a prestigious art college and to embark upon a career in the fashion and design industry.

Marissa has always delighted in brainstorming ideas for clothes and designing outfits that fit a certain theme or topic. She does so on a website called “Polyvore.” She dreams of improving her sewing skills, so that one day, she can make her dreams come to fruition.

“Welcome to Insanity” is a digital painting featuring a group portrait of all of her original character designs.

Aside from her artistic passion, Marissa also values her education, particularly the online aspect. What she enjoys the most about online school is its freedom. Online school allows her to work from the comfort of her own home, and at her own pace. In a traditional educational environment, she would often experience excessive stress, due to concerns of falling behind and getting lost, and due tto nervousness that had interfered with her willingness to talk with her teachers. However, in online school, she can comfortably remedy any problems she has with her schoolwork by messaging her teachers, who are enthusiastic about helping her however they can.