Death Sentence

Rated 3.0

A sequel to Death Wish (well, it’s written by the same guy), Kevin Bacon plays a happy family man whose oldest son is killed during a gang initiation ritual. Rather than have his murderer get put away for a couple of years, Bacon Man has other ideas, and they involve knives and guns. James Wan, director of the lousy Saw and Death Sentence, pulls one off here, a decent and implausible revenge thriller. It wouldn’t be all that good if Bacon Man didn’t KICK MAJOR ARSE! Lots of folks get their legs and various other appendages blown off in this film via vigilante justice dispensed by the Bacon Man who, I say again, KICKS MAJOR ARSE! Garrett Hedlund plays a cool baddie, and John Goodman plays the mean fat guy, all cannon fodder for the Bacon Man. Wan keeps things moving with his immense sense of style and decision not to cast Cary Elwes in this one.