De-Bushification theories

With so many controversial executive orders made by President Bush to choose from, which ones will president-elect Barack Obama decide to reverse first?

With Obama and his team already reviewing hundreds of Bush’s executive actions, offers some possibilities: Obama is expected “to reverse Bush’s order limiting the types of embryonic stem cell research that can receive federal dollars,” the news agency reports. Other orders expected to be reversed include a “gag” order related to national and international family planning groups, such as a Bush order that ensures State Department funding doesn’t go to family planning organizations that even counsel about abortion, much less perform one.

The Obama administration could also overturn Bush’s order that lifted restrictions on oil drilling on federal lands in Utah—lands that opened to exploration this month.

Obama has also said he wants to close Guantanamo Bay prison, a move expected to take much longer to carry out, given that there’s no process in place about what to do with the military prison’s 255 inmates.