Day after day

Ho hum. Another official from the Trump Administration, this time Gordon Sondland, who literally bought his ambassadorship to the European Union, was ordered by Dum Dum not to testify to the House Intelligence Committee about those “Call me” texts in the Ukraine mess. So Prez Capone is stonewalling Congress? Again? ZZZZZZZZ. Gee, must be a day ending in Y.

Dipshit has one, and only one, strategy at this time—stonewall, stonewall and more stonewall. And goddammit, Congress has, so far, let him get away with it. As the tremendous Rick Wilson tweeted just after Twitler ordered Sondland to STFU, “This is the part where Donald Trump rubs the Democrats faces in his contempt and they smile and issue some anodyne statement. Without consequences, he will continue to abuse power until Congress is rendered a toothless debating society. On your feet or on your knees. Pick one.”

I’m guessing that tweet speaks for many of us. As in, Jesus H. Christ, Congress, when are you gonna start frog-walking these flaming bleepsuckers into a frigging jailhouse for their sneering contempt? When are you gonna start playing some good old-fashioned hardball? When are you going to start kicking some goddamn orange ass?” Congress: “We want to question so and so about something.” Trump: “Yeah? Well, piss off. You can’t.” Congress: “Boy, oh, boy, Mr. President, you are really burning us up!” Trump: “Heh heh heh. Too effing bad. Like I said, piss off.” Congress: “Grrrrrrrrr!”

Congress can indeed bust an insolent no-show for inherent contempt, but it hasn’t used this procedure since 1934, for a whole pile of boring technical legal reasons. And, usually, congressional subpoenas eventually work, and the committee gets its hearing. But there’s something different about Trump. This is one rogue mob boss of a POTUS. He’s the first President ever to say “Rules? I don’t no need stinking rules. I do, however, need my team of 17 lawyers. See you in court … in about, oh, four months? Heh heh heh.” We’ve never seen anything like it. And it’s getting tired—very tired. We’re impatient as hell with this Waltz of the Courts. Would somebody just please shove a coconut cream pie in the mug of Mr. Stable Genius?

I’m writing this on Tuesday and am fully aware of the distinct possibility that, by the time you read this, all of this orange drama might have changed or been upended somehow. It’s the chance we weekly columnists take as we skate on the thin ice in Trump Town. Our stuff can be made moot in a flash!