Dawn of the Dead

Rated 4.0 A gonzo-crazy retelling of George Romero’s classic horror film where cannibalistic zombies have taken over the world, and a few uninfected survivors take refuge in a mall. The original’s lumbering, forlorn zombies have been replaced by amped-up, running-around zombies like those introduced in Danny Boyle’s 28 Days Later. While this one only has a few things in common with the original, it is still a lot of fun in its own way. The opening 10 minutes, followed by a creepy credit montage featuring a Johnny Cash song, is phenomenal, showing a lone woman’s (Sarah Polley) escape from her infected lover and overrun neighborhood. Make sure to stay for the closing credits because the story continues and ends in a bad way. A remake that stands as one of the better horror remakes of recent memory, and a worthy addition to the beloved zombie movie genre.