Dawn Gibbons has online imposter

Nevada First Lady Dawn Gibbons has encountered one of this era’s chronic pains—an online imposter.

At Twitter.com/FirstLadyDawn, a message was posted in June: “The ladies and I will be going to the Reno Rodeo this coming weekend. So much fun. Cowboy up!” No other message was ever posted.

There was a tip-off on the site. The real Dawn Gibbons knows how to spell. The bio on Twitter read, “Newly seperated First Lady of Nevada here for your entertainment, laughs and tears.”

A few days ago, a Las Vegas newspaper report commented how little use Gibbons was making of her Twitter account, which was the first she knew of it. She posted a reader comment on the newspaper story disowning the Twitter site.

“I have never had a Twitter account—ever!” she told the RN&R.