David Herold

David Herold

Tune into KTHX 100.1 FM, and you can hear the voice of David Herold. He is the music director and night DJ for KTHX and the production director for Nextmedia. He has worked at numerous radio stations throughout Northern Nevada and has entertained listeners at “The X” for about 10 years. He describes the station as offering a blend of music, ranging from rock to blues and acoustic to contemporary.

Do you ever get sick of the music?

Yeah, I do, but I’m always trying to find new music to turn people on to, so I don’t listen to the same things over and over and over again.

Do you listen to “The X” when you are not working?

Yes, for music. I also like talk radio because it’s not music.

What’s your favorite talk radio program?

I listen to Howard Stern and Don and Mike.

What got you into the business?

Just walking in. I was 15, and there was a counselor at my school who sent out letters to radio stations asking [them] to give me a chance, and someone gave me a shot.

What’s the most interesting call you have received?

Well, I can tell you a story that resulted from a call. I was 17, and a drunk woman called up and wanted me to come over to her house. I went to her house, and she tried to get physically intimate with me. However, I was hesitant, thankfully, because her husband showed up, knocking on the door. I made up a story about being from the radio station and his wife being some blossoming music talent I was discovering. He decided to go back to the casino. I tried to leave, but she got in my way and wouldn’t let me. This went on for 10 minutes until her husband threw the door open. She looked at him, and then at me, and ran for another room. The husband pointed at the door, and I ran as fast as I could out of there.

Do you have a lot of strange women call you up?

I have women call me a lot. There is one rule I have learned: You can’t assume anything from the sound of a voice.

What is the aspect of your career that you enjoy the most?

Free stuff. No, not really. The aspect I enjoy is being a positive, entertaining spot in someone’s day.

How do you think the public perceives you?

[People guess] a short, bald and fat man more than anything else. My personality on the air is very smart-ass and goofy, but in person, I consider myself to be a little more real.

What’s your favorite song?

Right now? I guess Lenny Kravitz’s “Again.”

What’s the weirdest song anybody has requested?

A guy who I know, because we had a long conversation, requested “Cum Stains on your Pillow” by Chingachavin.

Did you play it?

Yes, at 3 o’clock in the morning.