David Chappelle’s Block Party

Rated 4.0

David Chappelle throws a block party concert, resulting in a fun mix of music and comedy. When The Roots, Erykah Badu and Jill Scott take the stage to perform “You Got Me,” it’s one of the more exhilarating, powerful filmed concert performances I’ve ever seen. I could say the same for Kanye West, John Legend and CSU marching band performing “Jesus Walks.” Those looking for Chappelle’s Show type comedy might be a little disappointed because most of the humor in this film is spontaneous, unlike the sketch format of the now stalled Comedy Central program. There are plenty of segments with Chappelle good-naturedly goofing off back- and onstage or joking around with residents of his Ohio hometown. But those looking for him to bust out his Rick James impersonation will have to revisit the DVDs.