Dank drinks

A guide to some of the cannabis beverages available in Reno

Photos/Jeri Chadwell

With more states across the country legalizing marijuana for recreational use, more and more people are finding unique ways to incorporate cannabis products into places that were strictly reserved for alcohol before.

Many cannabis products are being rebranded with words like "luxury," "high-end" and "upscale." The cannabis industry has seen a cultural shift around and knows its target market isn’t strictly limited to stereotypical stoners anymore.

From upscale beauty lines made from all-natural CBD hemp oil to ritzy craft cocktails, cannabis products have found their way into many people’s lifestyles—partaking is no longer restricted to just the old-fashioned paper joint, unless that’s what you’re into, and even in that case, dispensaries sell sophisticated prerolls now.

Whether you’re looking for a non-alcoholic alternative infused with THC or are searching for new ways in which CBD or terpenes can give liquor an extra boost of flavor and fun, cannabis products have found their way into Reno’s sippin’ scene through a few creative cocktails and soft drinks.

Terpene Cocktails

1864 Tavern

290 California Ave.


Last September, 1864 Tavern introduced two terpene cocktails: the Silly Wabbit and the Lazy Dazy. Terpenes won’t get you “high” like consuming THC would, but they are a great addition to cocktails as terpenes can enhance or relax your mood. Coming from cannabis and other types of plants, terpenes are fragrant oils that add a distinct aroma and texture to craft cocktails. The two cannabis terpenes used at 1864 are pinene, for relaxation, and limonene, which has the reputation for making users more present and alert.

1864 uses terpenes made by BotanaVista that add a slight bitterness to their drinks. According to 1864 bartender Connor McCoy, there are only a few drops of terpenes in each cocktail. The drink is made so you feel the presence of the terpenes, but every drink requires such a specific amount of each ingredient that if you put too many drops of the terpenes in, it’ll quickly overpower the drink, he said.

If you’re looking for a mood elevator, look no further than the Silly Wabbit. Combining the fruity, citrus aromas of limonene terpenes with reposado tequila, cantaloupe juice, agave and lemon, the Silly Wabbit tastes as good as it looks.

For those looking to slow down and relax, the Lazy Dazy might suit your needs. This gin-based drink is a combination of pinene terpenes, bitter-sweet amaro, chamomile syrup, lime juice and grapefruit juice. The pinene terpenes add a hint of fragrant pine smell to the refreshing aroma of the fresh squeezed fruit. This could be the ideal summer drink after spending the day driving around Tahoe.

CBD Lemonade and other libations

Jub Jub’s Thirst Parlor

71 S. Wells Ave.


Jub Jub’s Thirst Parlor keeps their share of CBD drinks simple and refreshing. Mixing vodka with Sparkling CBD Beverages is a popular choice for many Jub Jub’s customers. Hailing from Colorado and infused with 20 mg of cannabidiol (CBD), Sparkling CBD Beverages come in a variety of flavors including black cherry, root beer, lemonade and ginger ale.

CBD, the second most abundant cannabinoid extracted from the cannabis plant, isn’t intoxicating either. It’s known by the cannabis industry to be a powerful anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving agent and a mood relaxer.

For a quenching beverage after a long day of work, Jub Jub’s simply mixes Sparkling CBD Lemonade with vodka over ice. Nothing complicated, just the good stuff.

THC-Infused Beverages

The Dispensary NV

100 W. Plumb Lane


If you’re not into consuming alcohol or smoking cannabis, perhaps liquid edibles will better suit your needs. At The Dispensary NV, customers can purchase CannaPunch products in a variety of flavors, including watermelon nectar and pineapple mango delight. They’re non-alcoholic, but contain THC, the main intoxicating ingredient in cannabis.The Colorado-based company behind CannaPunch also designed the products to be vegan, organic and contain no corn syrup, gluten or soy.

Each bottle is non-carbonated, and the cannabis taste is rather discrete and barely noticeable behind the potent fruity flavor. Although the drinks don’t indicate whether they're sativa or indica dominant, each bottle contains 100mg of THC. CannaPunch is delicious by itself or can be a great mixer with any soda or juice. Each bottle also comes with a measuring cup to ensure that you’re consuming the recommended serving of THC.

For a carbonated beverage option, The Dispensary NV also carries Keef Life Soda. Like CannaPunch, each bottle contains 100mg of THC. For sativa lovers, cranberry lime is your go-to. For indica fans, blueberry lemon is your key to relaxation.

CBD Cafe

Pianissimo Coffee & More

7689 S. Virginia St.


If you’re looking for a stress-reducing way to start your morning, add CBD to any beverage of your choice at Pianissimo Coffee & More. In addition to the store’s CBD chocolates and CBD body butter, customers can choose to add in a few drops of CBD oil to any drink from smoothies to lattes for an extra charge. According to barista Lexi Fox, the CBD oil Pianissimo puts into coffee drinks is intended to get rid of stress and contains anti-inflammatory properties.

Adding CBD to your drink won’t change the taste or aroma of your coffee since baristas only add in a few drops. Fox said that the most popular drinks ordered with CBD are Pianissimo’s white mocha, flavored lattes and espresso drinks. Although CBD lattes won’t get you high, customers need to be at least 18 years of age to order beverages with CBD.