Dangerous talk

As I predicted in this space, the Nevada Supreme Court dismissed the American Civil Liberties Union lawsuit challenging school choice law under the Nevada Constitution’s prohibition on using public funds for “sectarian” purposes. The ACLU should be ashamed, since the case law is nearly unanimous that school choice legislation like Nevada’s does not fund religious schools, but rather funds parents who then may choose a religious education for their children or not.

“Sectarian” is a code word for “Roman Catholic.” Bishop Manogue High School held its first open house to educate parents on their new freedom to choose without being unfairly taxed.

In most Muslim countries other religions can live peacefully if they pay additional tax. School choice prevents the government educational monopoly from imposing a “secular” tax on parents who wish to send their children to Catholic and other religious educational institutions.

Prejudice against Catholics in the U.S. was carefully hidden by a code word, but in the late nineteenth century the first federal immigration act was the “Chinese Exclusion Act,” aimed at curbing immigration from China. In those days, Congress did not feel the need for focus group acronyms when it passed unconstitutional legislation. The U.S. Supreme Court admitted federal control over immigration was not authorized in the Constitution, but simply blessed the legislation by saying federal control of immigration was an attribute of nationhood. Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump agrees when he says you can’t be a nation without hard borders. Banning Muslims from coming to the U.S. may be stupid, but it is not unconstitutional, unless you really believe in strict constitutional construction. Original intent requires that—since the federal government is not authorized to set quotas or ban immigrations—that power falls to the states and to the people. Neither Democrats nor Republicans want to surrender their power to raise money by incessantly arguing over immigration. When they do pass legislation, it makes things worse. The states who tried to set their own policies have been rebuffed by a Supreme Court defending its faulty precedent. This separation of powers gridlock is why a protectionist like Trump is winning! elections. Libertarians are immigration friendly. To make a difference, LP candidates Gary Johnson and Bill Weld have to show they are for freedom to immigrate, but not for tax-subsidized immigration.

Donald Trump is saving free speech by ripping apart elitist cultural restrictions on speech. His ability to spontaneously blast through the political correctness gripping America shows he did not make the usual Republican mistake of bringing a knife to a gunfight. The recent celebration of the life and death of Mohammed Ali is marred by the spectacle of public figures afraid to completely quote his most famous political statement: “No Viet Cong ever called me nigger.” Ali was forbidden to box in the prime of his career for his opposition to the Vietnam war. Today PC terrorism caused even outspoken black ESPN commentator Stephen A. Smith to finish that quote with “… the N word.” Dick Gregory’s autobiography Nigger has been censored. Public school districts have even banned the iconic American novel The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn from school curricula because the word “nigger” is sprinkled through Mark Twain’s classic satire of slavery and ignorance.

Many whites and Asians fear speaking their mind will get them fired. They will vote for Trump because he will protect free speech. Even Ralph Nader sided with Trump’s followers. No one can tell an ethnic joke anymore.

A monopoly education system is run by the political factions in power. Instead of continuing to argue over which faction should rule, school choice allows parents to break the logjam caused by political warfare to put their children’s education first.