Editors’ choices

Best place for an episode of Scooby Doo

The Gold Hill Hotel near Virginia City is the kind of place Scooby Doo and the gang would’ve stumbled into on an extra foggy episode. “Jinkies!” as bespectacled, orange-turtleneck with a head, Velma would’ve freaked upon entering the century-old saloon, its low, wooden ceiling covered with dollar bills put there by customers. “Rike, ret’s get runk!” Scooby would’ve said after hearing the bartender talk of the many spirits on hand. Of course, he could’ve been referring to the bar’s extensive selection of liquor or to “Rosie,” the ghost who supposedly haunts room No. 2 of the hotel. “Like, I’m with Scoob,” Shaggy would say. “Let’s, like, throw down some mojitos until we, like, pass out!”

Most ingenious place for a bar

Bully’s 6 in the Meadowood Mall. Sure, the Summit Sierra has a Banana Republic. But Meadowood has a freakin’ bar inside. One RN&R staffer stumbled upon it while shopping with his wife. They did that annoying thing couples do in the mall, splitting up and using their cell phones. “Did you find anything,” the sober one asked. “Yeah,” the other’d say, pulling up a stool and zeroing in on the bottle of Wild Turkey behind the bar. “But I think I’ll need a few minutes to try this stuff on.” Must have been odd, nothing ever ended up fitting, and when they met up later, one had nothing to take home but bourbon on his breath.