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Wheel of Fortune: Best chance to take

The lunch buffet at India Kabab & Curry is one of the best deals in town—$7.95 for all-you-can-eat. It’s not a huge spread, but it’s a little different every time, so there’s always an element of chance. Indian favorites like chicken tikka masala and tandoori chicken are almost always present, but the other dishes are ever revolving. Sometimes there are samosas, the addictive little potato-filled pastries, but as often as not, no dice. It’s also a restaurant to inspire repeat visits, and repeated passes through the buffet, plate after plate of good food, until you feel overstuffed, and quit eating altogether for a day, until you start craving samosas again. It’s an ongoing cycle of hunger and fulfillment, not unlike, say, the Hindu concept of reincarnation, which gels nicely with The Wheel of Fortune.

Readers choice

Best 4th of July fireworks

1. Downtown Sparks

2. Lake Tahoe

3. Reno Aces Stadium

250 Evans Ave., 334-4700

Best animal shelter

1. SPCA of Northern Nevada

4950 Specturm Blvd., 324-7773

2. Nevada Humane Society

2825 Longley Lane, 856-2000

3. Boxers & Buddies


Best art gallery

1. Nevada Museum of Art

160 W. Liberty St., 329-3333

2. Stremmel Gallery

1400 S. Virginia St.; 786-0558

3. La Bussola


Best Charity Race or Walk

1. Moms on the Run

2. Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure

3. JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes

Best church

1. Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Northern Nevada

780 Del Monte Lane, 851-7100

2. Living Stones

445 S. Virginia St., 622-9772

3. Our Lady of the Snows Catholic Church

1138 Wright St, 323-6894

Best dance instructor

1. BB Flanders

Salsa Reno, 2920 Mill St., 813-1143

2. Allison Prater

The Yogic Lounge, 1225 Westfield Ave.

3. Spencer Christian,

Take 2 Performer’s Studio, 9490 Gateway Drive, 853-3375

Best day trip

1. Lake Tahoe

2. Virginia City

3. Sacramento

Best dog park

1. Rancho San Rafael Regional Park

1595 N. Sierra St., 785-4512

2. Sparks Marina Park

300 Howard Drive, Sparks, 353-2376

3. Link Piazzo Dog Park

Hidden Valley Regional Park, 4740 Parkway Drive, 823-6501

Best Drag Queen

1. Ginger Devine

2. Ashlee Stone

3. Chanel

Best gay pride event

1. Reno Gay Pride Festival

2. Reno Rainbow Festival

3. Pink Party

Best Independent Art Gallery

1. Stremmel Gallery

1400 S. Virginia St.; 786-0558

2. Hobson Gallery [tie]

315 Spokane St

2. Never Ender [tie]

26 Cheney St., 348-9440

Best Kept Secret

1. Can’t/won’t tell

2. Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Northern Nevada

780 Del Monte Lane, 851-7100

3. Awful Awful at The Nugget

233 N. Virginia St., 323-0716

Best local band

1. Whitney Myer Band

2. Buster Blue [tie]

2. When Echos Fail [tie]

Best local band album

1. Dream Killer by Whitney Myer Band

2. Road to Nowhere by Left of Centre

3. Vacancy at the Wonder Lodge by Moondog Matinee

Best local dance company

1. Salsa Reno

2. Controlled Burn

2. AVA Ballet Theatre

Best local theater company

1. Brüka Theatre

99 N. Virginia St., 323-3221

2. Good Luck Macbeth

119 N. Virginia St., 322-3716

3. Reno Little Theater [tie]

246 E. Arroyo St., 329-0661

3. TMCC Performing Arts [tie]

505 Keystone Ave., 789-5671

Best local website

1. Reno Gazette-Journal,

2. Gamers Are Us,

3. Reno News & Review,

Best monthly event

1. Wine Walk

2. First Thursday at the Nevada Museum of Art

3. Beer Crawl

Best neighborhood

1. Old Southwest Reno

2. Northwest Reno

3. Caughlin Ranch

Best non-casino thing to do downtown

1. Riverwalk

2. Wine Walk

3. Artown

Best place to meet gay singles

1. 5 Star Saloon

132 West St., 329-2878

2. Tronix

303 Kietzke Lane, 333-9696

3. Carl’s Pub

3310 S. Virginia St., 829-8886

Best place to meet straight singles

1. Chapel Tavern

1495 S. Virginia St., 324-2244

2. Imperial Bar and Lounge [tie]

150 N. Arlington Ave., 324-6399

2. 5 Star Saloon [tie]

132 West St., 329-2878

Best place to people watch

1. Truckee River

2. Downtown Reno

3. Wingfield Park

Best radio station

1. 100.1 KTHX

2. 100.9 KRZQ

3. 104.5 KDOT

Best scandal

1. John Ensign’s affair, resignation

2. Jim Gibbons affair, divorce

3. Hot August Nights leaving Reno

Best reason to live in Reno

1. Outdoor recreation

2. Location, proximity to Lake Tahoe

2. Weather

Best Special Event in Downtown Reno

1. Artown

2. Hot August Nights

3. Street Vibrations

Best special event in downtown Sparks

1. The Best in the West Rib Cook-off

2. Farmers’ Markets

3. Hot August Nights

A customer gets a tray of pastries at Panaderia Azteca.

photo by amy beck