Writers’ choices

Illustration By Rick Sealock

Library branch with the best collection of music

Almost every county library branch has a music collection, but the folks in Sparks have the best, whether pop, rock, country, classical, jazz, bluegrass, Reggaeton or ranchero, And you can take 20 CDs at a time for 3 weeks.

Best unrecognized public art

Perhaps this could be called, “Public art most in need of relocation to a more public place like the Mapes plaza?” Have you ever been to RTC’s administrative building over on Sutro? Not surprising. Unless you are gassing up your hydrogen vehicle or catching Citilift, there’s little reason to go there. It’s not like they serve cocktails or something. Anyway, there’s this really cool metal sculpture just hanging out in the atrium near the doorway. Who’s the artist? How did it come to be there? Nobody there knew. Couldn’t the RTC see a benefit to relocating the art to a place where more people could enjoy it, and maybe putting up a sign to toot their horn for doing so?

Best slogan

Ken McKenna, criminal defense attorney, has a slogan that would work just as well for a prostititute (no irony intended): Working hard to get you off.

Journalist most in need of recognition

A lot of Reno television reporters cover all stories like they’re covering traffic accidents—today’s developments, little background. Not so with Ed Pearce. The veteran newsman’s head is packed full of institutional memory of our community and he’s one of the reasons KOLO’s news is meatier.