Crisis of the month

One thing I’m anxiously awaiting is a new self-manufactured government financial crisis. Come on, folks, this ain’t no time to stop now! I mean, after you get me all tizzied up with the thrills and chills of The Debt Ceiling Drama, The Fiscal Cliff Face-off, and The Sequester Molester, I’m now positively strung out on all these wild episodes of Political Chicken.

And I have total faith that Congress will cook up a juicy new crisis soon, because it sure doesn't seem to be getting distracted with any kind of Jobs/Infrastructure Bill. What up, Boehner? You want to get around to something in that realm? Or are you and your fellow Tea Timers too busy declaring March to be National Tabasco Sauce Month?

Another story I'm waiting for is that of the hardcore Tea Party kook, who, because of Obamacare, now has insurance for his cancer-riddled young son. And because his boy is now getting treatment and feeling better and so forth, maybe the kook has now backed off a bit in his hatred for Barack, Harry and Nancy. Just a bit. As in, you know, he now admits there's a chance that Obama really was born in Honolulu. Maybe.

So where is this story? The numbers say it simply has to exist. In fact—well, wait a sec. I work for one of them there newspapers. Hey, if I just described you, Mr. Tea Party Kook, get a hold of us here at the RN&R. I think I can guarantee—cover story, babe!

Oh, by the way. You did see the story that California is projected to have a balanced budget next year? Just checking. It got kinda buried and lowballed with all the Oscars and Globes and Grammys flying around. But yes, Gov. Brown said that not only do projections show the budget being balanced for California in fiscal '13/'14, but there's an actual chance of—wait for it—a surplus! A word rarely seen in stories about government budgets these days. (Various estimates range from a surplus of $1 billion to a deficit of $2 billion).

But wasn't the Golden State gonna slide off the aforementioned Fiscal Cliff and into the Pacific about three or four years ago? Gee, funny what can happen when you go ahead and goose those taxes on millionaires.

Mitt Romney finally got on the tube last week to have a chat with Chris Wallace of Fox. In the interview, Mitt said about his now infamous 47 percent video, “It was a very unfortunate statement that I made. It's not what I meant. What I said is not what I believe.”

Hmmmm. “What I said is not what I believe.” As one smart aleck online commented, “Uh, isn't that called lying?” The funny thing is, I thought that video was the one time that us Americans could see exactly what Mitt believes. Which is why he's currently appearing in La Jolla and not Washington.