Courthouse gallery

If you’ve always wished you could get a quick eyeful of art while on the way to get a marriage license or pay a traffic fine, you’re in luck. With no permanent office or exhibition space of its own, Capital City Arts Initiative has been scoping Carson City for exhibition spaces to borrow. The group has secured the use of the spacious, high-ceilinged second-floor lobby of the Carson City Courthouse, where Henderson artist Merrilee Hortt’s sly, subtle humor comes across in her small drawings and collages.

A group of collages frames tiny drawings of hardware and insects in ornate, green paper borders that turn out, upon close inspection, to be cut out from labels of DelMonte canned peas and such, peapods still intact. The exhibit, Small Vanities, runs till May 23. The courthouse is at 885 E. Musser St., Carson City.