Costume goddess

Marta Fisher

Photo By Kat Kerlin

House of Black and White Costume

22 Martin St.
Reno, NV 89509

Dressing people up is just part of the job for self proclaimed “costume goddess” Marta Fisher, a sales associate at House of Black and White Costume on 22 Martin St. in Reno.

What are some popular costumes this year?

Pirates are always popular and superheroes. This year we’ve done several Zorros and lots of monks and nuns.

Are these costumes for adults or children or both?

We don’t actually rent children’s costumes. We have some for sale, but we’re mostly rentals, and they’re actually adult-sized costumes, not “adult costumes"—there is a difference!

Have people been looking for political costumes this year?

I have actually I had someone come in looking for a moose or caribou costume. I sold them some reindeer antlers with the arrow through the head. He was going as the animal and his wife looked like Sarah Palin.

What are you going to be for Halloween?

I’m going to work.

Won’t you dress up to work on Halloween?

I might dress up. We’ll see.

Is Halloween one of your favorite holidays?

We always did major big things for Halloween when I was growing up. I actually dance and sing and act, so this is kind of a creative opportunity. Everybody needs a little humor in their lives.

What’s the best costume you’ve seen?

I would have to say my favorite costume for guys is the Three Musketeers because it’s Renaissance period, it’s ruffles. That’s what’s fun about my job, I get men to wear tights and ruffles and sparkly masks. Of the girls’ costumes, there’s so many of those, but my favorite is the Maleficent costume—Queen Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty. We have in excess of 10,000 costumes, so to say what’s your favorite one, there’re so many.

For the procrastinators, how late will you be open leading up to Halloween?

We’ve been here seven days a week for the month with extended hours. We always have people come in last minute. And since Friday is the 31st, there’re parties going on Saturday night, so people will come in last minute, and we’ll do what we can.

What are your hours?

10 to 6, Monday through Friday, 10 to 5 on Saturday, and 10 to 3 on Sunday.