Cool as ice

Gear to make you look hot out in the cold

Some people say that hitting the slopes is about man versus wild, an exhilarating thrill ride that tests your skills against the best Mother Nature has to offer. Yeah, right. Really, it’s about looking good while hitting those ollies and aerial grabs, so here’s the newest gear to keep you hot while looking cool.


Remember your roots with this freestyle snowboard designed by the 4-year-old son of a HEAD Snowboards employee. The company, with a full line of boards, boots, bindings and protective gear, wants to inspire the masses with a crazy diorama of stick figures hurtling down the slopes while trying to avoid dinosaurs, sharks and an onslaught of missiles. While the drawings may be childish, the board is all grown up. A tip-to-tail wood core is laced with Kevlar and carbon fibers to increase agility, and the sintered base provides high wax absorption. In case the creativity of a child is too limiting, the board, retailing at $529, comes with a pack of high quality Edding markers to add your own individuality to the snow.

Headphone Beanie Hat

You’re rockin’ a killer board and poised to head down the mountain, but the whistle of the wind doesn’t do justice to the epic moves you’re about to pull off. Pump a great soundtrack into the descent with this tech-inspired beanie with built in headphones. A flapjack or visor style holds adjustable headphones in the lining, and a 48-inch cord that plugs into any 3.5 mm headphone jack gives plenty of flexibility in range of motion. At $24.99, this ThinkGeek combo gives you warmth and tunes suitable for the lodge or half pipe.

Snow Report Apps

If the jams are coming from an iPhone or iPod Touch, make sure you also have a couple of free snow report apps on hand to give you the latest weather information. The North Face Snow Report and REI Snow Report apps provide the same information with slightly different delivery methods. Along with forecasts, recent snowfall levels, and contact information, you can find out which world resorts are open, how many lifts and trails are operating and check out the resort’s Twitter feed. Which app finds a permanent spot in your phone will boil down to personal preferences; REI allows you to set alerts for new snowfall at your favorite slopes, and North Face has a sleek red and black design and live webcam feeds.

ezGear echargeable Hand Warmer

Avoid freezing your fingers off when checking those apps with a hand warmer that won’t make people think you pulled it out of a fanny pack. The compact and understated design looks like it fits alongside Apple’s signature style when you’re sizing up the fresh snow down the road. The warmer will provide three hours of heat and is rechargeable more than 500 times via a USB connection to your computer or USB wall outlet. Unlike gel packs, this $29.99 heater comes with an on/off switch, so you can pop it on just long enough to grab a cup of coffee or keep it running on the lift.