Conservative values

If you’re wondering who you should vote into the state legislature, look at Created and maintained by the Nevada Conservation League, the website allows the public easy access to the records of Nevada legislators when voting on conservation related issues. Like an electronic “naughty or nice” list, Conservation Scorecard posts a list of legislators who have either disappointed or made proud the conservation community. Included on the list of good little boys and girls is Gov. Brian Sandoval. Although the site gives him a B in overall performance, it mentions his effectiveness in pushing through bills that would benefit Nevada’s ecosystem.

In addition to reprimanding senators, the website provides a list of recent Senate bills that relate to Nevada wildlife. The site focuses much of its attention on SB 271, a bill recently passed that weakens Nevada’s stance on the protection and preservation of Lake Tahoe.

Although visitors to the site are able to donate to their cause, the Nevada Conservation League is not a 501(c)3 organization, thus donations are not tax deductible. Profits garnered from the website support conservation lobbyists, candidate endorsements and political contributions to eco-friendly candidates.