Comes in threes

Welcome to this week’s Reno News & Review.

One more week until the Biggest Little Best of Northern Nevada hits the street. I know a 60-64 page newspaper doesn’t really mean a lot to anyone outside the World Head-quarters of the Reno News & Review, here at 708 N. Center St., but I can tell you, it represents a lot of work to us. It’s the culmination of nearly six months of planning. (I sent the first email to the illustrator on May 29.) I don’t want to complain. Personally, I love this issue. I know in a bigger town, we could do something of this quality every quarter, maybe even every issue. But still, it’s a hell of a lot of work for our little four-and-a-half person editorial staff. And I know the sales people burn the midnight oil, too. So get ready. Your jaw is going to drop. Congratulations to all the winners. You’re either great at what you do, or you’re a great social networker.

• • •

Thanks to everyone who said such kind things regarding the cover story last week. Thanks, too, to those who took the other point of view. I wrote this story for two reasons: 1) I promised back in December to tell the story; 2) When a person gets a non-accident DUI, generally only that individual and his or her family see the consequences. OK, around 90,000 people read the paper in a week. Maybe it’ll make a difference.

• • •

I gambled on my garden produce this last week, thinking that the weather was warm enough not to freeze my fruit, and if I left the unripened fruit on the plant, I’d get the coming weeks of warm October for late spurt of growth. I’d say I got a pass. The frost point was right there, and it was enough to damage foliage, but as near as I can tell, didn’t nip a single tomato. Weirdly, my basil, which is usually the most cold sensitive, didn’t shrivel a leaf.