Collaborators wanted

The NMA Discovery Center collaboration project

The propeller is an oft-used symbol in Michael Sarich’s work “It could be a proposition,” says Sarich. “Could be a theatrical prop. Language is very dangerous. You’ve got to take responsibility for the language you chose.”

Museum-goers will have a chance to collaborate with Sarich and Ahren Hertel on a piece of work, a 90-by-90-inch propeller-themed work using ink stamps of some of the symbols Sarich has used over the years.

“I hope there’s a lot of information in there,” says Sarich, who says he’s intrigued to find out how children will interact with his art.

“This’ll be our third collaboration,” says Hertel. “When Sara Gray opened up Grayspace, Mike and I did a couple drawings together. Basically, we each did half of the drawing and let the other finish it. Mike brought the idea of letting the public participate to the museum.”