Code 46

Rated 2.0 Director Michael Winterbottom’s film about a forbidden love affair in a futuristic society has an interesting look to it, but the romance at its center fails to make an impact. In the future, the world has become a place where travel and home life are dependent on IDs called papelles, with only a select portion of the population eligible for them. When a government investigator (Tim Robbins) questions a government worker (Samantha Morton) about papelle forgery, he falls in love and begins an affair. Unfortunately for them, sex is also a difficult place in the future, where people can be prosecuted if their partners are genetically similar. Some of the ideas Winterbottom presents are intriguing, but the movie never comes together as a cohesive piece. Robbins and Morton almost put it over the top, but it is ultimately too convoluted to enjoy.