Co-owner of Healing Vibrations

Nicky Davis

Photo by Jimmy Boegle

Nicky Davis, 21, is co-owner of Healing Vibrations, a shop selling oils, crystals, incense and hand-made jewelry—"anything that has a vibration toward healing,” Davis says. The business, which opened March 1 at 250 W. First St., also offers Reiki sessions by appointment, during which energy is re-directed to help people heal and improve themselves. Healing Vibrations can be reached at 333-3329, and it offers pamphlets that can explain this stuff far better than I can.

What exactly is a “healing vibration"?

Anything that improves your state of being. Anything that gives you a vibration to feel better.

How do you tell whether something has a healing vibration?

I’ll tell you, everything has a healing vibration. This table, the air you’re breathing—everything has a vibration that can be healing.

Well, if that’s the case, then isn’t Wal-Mart a healing vibration store, too?

Well, sure, if that’s what makes you feel good. I’d say certain things have a higher vibration than other things.

What are some of those things?

Crystals, therapeutic-grade oils, incense, even the vibration of someone sitting next to you.

I am sitting next to you. Are you feeling a vibration?

Yeah, I am definitely getting a vibration from you.

Uh, may I ask what kind of vibration it is?

It’s a good one. I feel good sitting next to you.

Whew. That’s a total relief.

(Laughs.) You can feel people’s vibrations. Different people have different vibrations. The energy you’re sending is different than the energy that person sitting over there is sending to me.

What’s his energy like?

I’d say it’s more within himself. He’s keeping to himself.

Is there anybody in this town who sends off bad, negative energy?

No, I can’t think of anybody.

Hmmm. Ever been to a City Council meeting?

Yes, I have.

What was the energy like there?

It was very strong and very stressed. Almost confrontational.

So, how does a dumb guy like me learn how to feel these vibrations?

Get in tune with yourself and another person. Hold hands, close your eyes and feel what you feel within yourself.

Wow. Sounds kinda deep.

Yeah. I’d say it’s deep.

Why do crystals and oils have a stronger healing vibration than, say, a box of Cheerios?

Crystals and oils are more natural. Crystals come from the earth; oils come from plants and life. Cereals are more produced in factories, and they contain lots of chemicals.

What’s the best vibe you’ve ever gotten? That is, that you can talk about in a newspaper?

That’s a hard question. I’d say I get a good vibration from my massage therapist, Laura Hennings. I would also say anyone who has a background of being more metaphysical, or more spiritual, or more grounded down within themselves.