Club Dread

Rated 3.0 Yeah, the latest from Broken Lizard (makers of Super Troopers) is trash, but that’s appropriate since it’s parodying trash. Taking aim at slasher movies and sex comedies, Lizard has come up with a disposable film that, as slasher films go, is better than most Friday the 13ths, and as sex comedy goes, kicks the crap out of American Pie. An unidentified killer is wreaking havoc on a vacation island where Coconut Pete (Bill Paxton), an aging rock star spoof of Jimmy Buffet, has fashioned a paradise based on his recordings. As multiple murders ensue in bloody style, many a breast is exposed and many a sex act performed. While not a constant laugh riot, I found myself giggling at this one more than your average film, which is high praise for comedies these days. Paxton is funny, especially when somebody mentions Buffet’s Margaritaville at a campfire, and the Broken Lizard troupe is in decent form. It gets the mildest of recommendations, but a recommendation nevertheless.