Clocked in

Time is a slave to no man. But that doesn’t mean man has to be a slave to time. With these clocks, you can free yourself from the humdrum of boring timepieces.

Discovery Color-Changing Projection Clock
Discovery Channel Store

You may have seven different clocks in your house, and not a one of them displays the same time as another, let alone the correct time. The Discovery Channel Store offers a solution that brings your timepieces into the atomic age. By using radio waves to continually sync with the atomic clock in Colorado, this clock will be accurate within one second for every 3,000 years. The face of the clock rotates through a series of colors, which makes it perfect for a tech-heavy, blinking lights situation, such as a dorm room. Additionally, the clock can be set to project the time onto a nearby ceiling or wall. This isn’t necessarily a practical function, but it’s a fun one, nevertheless. What’s great about this alarm clock is that the primary function—to keep time—is nearly flawless. There aren’t a lot of bells and whistles to get in the way, but the ones that are there are fun and unique.


If you are one of those people who hit the snooze alarm 11 times before getting out of bed, then Clocky may give you a run for your money—literally. The fist-sized body of the clock sits on two wheels, so when the alarm goes off in the morning, the clock can fly off the nightstand and drive away. While Clocky emits R2-D2-like beeps and whistles, it rolls around in random patterns, forcing you to get out of bed and chase it down. Unfortunately, carpet seems to stall the rascal. With a price tag of $50, you may also be left wondering why you didn’t just move your stationary alarm clock across the room.

The Peaceful Progression Wake Up Clock
Hammacher Schlemmer

The abrasive screeching of an alarm can be horrible in the a.m. That’s why Hammacher Schlemmer wants to ease you into your morning routine. After trying to figure out the instructions, you’ll need the relaxation of the gentle light, nature sounds and aromatherapy this clock promises. If you skip the aromatherapy beads provided and use your own scented oils, this clock can be a great tool for anyone who wishes to break free of the early morning screeches. With stress relief as a focus, it may not be surprising to learn that the light, scent and sound features can work in reverse to help put you to sleep.