Rated 3.0

When grouchy architect Michael (Adam Sandler) needs a universal remote, he goes to Bed Bath & Beyond, where he’s given a piece of major equipment by a mad scientist type (Christopher Walken). The remote enables him to control the environment around him, allowing him to pause action, fast forward, rewind, access the menu of his life, etc. When the remote control starts remembering what Michael routinely skips over (arguments, family dinners, foreplay) it results in mass quantities of his life being skipped. The movie is a mixed bag, containing good Sandler gags along with the schmaltzy sentimental crap. Sandler is in decent form, as are costars Kate Beckinsale as his wife and Henry Winkler as his dad. The comedy is actually quite dark for Sandler, and it might put some of his fans off. At least he doesn’t sing any of his lousy songs in this one. That thing he crooned in 50 First Dates almost killed me. Directed by Frank Coraci, who also directed Sandler in The Waterboy and The Wedding Singer.