Class act

Janice Carr

Photo By D. Brian Burghart

House of Black and White Costume Company has been a Reno staple for nearly four decades, and when the business shut its doors, some of us long-time customers were distraught. Then came the rumor last month that the costume store had reopened its doors to sell off all the old costumes. The rumor’s true. The store is at 4690 Longley Lane, Suite 29. For more information, call 322-5427.

You must have had a good Halloween because there was a lot of buzz.

We did. We had a really great Halloween. People came over to see what was so strange. My customers kept saying, “Well, where did all these clothes come from?” I said, “When you came in and ordered something, I only brought you out what you asked for. This was all in the back.” So it’s been kind of exciting to watch how people act, they don’t know what to look at first.

When did you move over to Longley?

We came over the first of October. I only plan to be here like three months. I moved here so I could get rid of all this stuff. And one way or the other, I will.

What’s the next step if you don’t sell it out retail?

If I don’t sell it out retail, then I’ll have an auction, possibly.

Yeah, I imagine one of these theater troupes might be interested in that.

We have a possibility; we have a connection with someone in L.A. who might come up to look at the inventory. They know what I have and might be interested. Or whatever. Whatever is going to happen is going to happen.

So how much is left after Halloween? What percentage?

Oh my god, we didn’t even make a dent. We’ve got 4,000 feet here. Have you been here yet?

Oh yeah, I bought some stuff, my girlfriend bought some stuff. That’s how I knew to call.

Did you get to see the back?

I was back there.

We had to close the door because too many people were going back there, and that meant I had to have more people here to watch them. But I have so much out front.

Is it your granddaughterwho’s running things?

She’s my right hand. And I have a couple of good girlfriends who are helping out, that have been around me all these years, so they know what’s going on. But I’m around here a little every day trying to keep everything moving.

And what are your hours?We’re here 10 to 5.

So what do you have over there?

Everything. Everything from 1500 to present times.

Got any chicken outfits?

I think I do. I sold one to the Sands because they rented it so much; I called them to see if they wanted to buy it.

That’s beautiful.

We have a lot of mascot-type things; we have a lot of Santa Clauses and Easter bunnies. I’ve been calling all my old customers saying, “If you want to buy one, you’d better come now.”