Chill out

Football season is finally here. It’s time for tailgating parties and artery-jamming food; John Madden booming out semi-obvious observations and lots of cold, cold beer. If there is one thing every fan knows, it’s that right when you get up to grab a fresh drink, you always miss the most important play of the game. With these Space Age coolers, you’ll never have to worry about keeping a cold one at hand.

Portable Vending Refrigerator

Sure, mini-fridges are convenient, but they can be bulky, heavy, and the technology is mundane. offers a fun and practical solution that solves all the problems of a mini-fridge. The Portable Vending Refrigerator holds 12 standard 12-ounce cans in four separate compartments. A large display window lets you and your guests choose your favorite beverage from the four selections. At the press of a button, a beverage is released and sent sliding out through a slot at the bottom. Though it is the priciest of the three options, ringing in at $159.99, the Portable Vending Refrigerator is light, compact, quiet, and effectively keeps your cold ones chilled. Room temperature beverages will eventually cool in the Portable Vending Refrigerator, but for optimum performance, the cans should be pre-chilled.


USB Beverage Chiller
CoolIT Systems

Maybe you’re stuck at work on a Sunday, so you find yourself watching the gridiron battles one play at a time by constantly refreshing your screen. In that case, the USB Beverage Chiller from CoolIT Systems may suit you. Slightly smaller than a VHS tape, the USB Beverage Chiller plugs into any USB port and keeps your drink cold as you enjoy it. It’s not a long-term solution, as the drink will stay cold for approximately an hour, at best. The most cost-effective product at $29.99, the power it requires is too much for mediocre laptops, but it runs fine on a PC. Portable, virtually silent, and compact, the USB Beverage Chiller works nicely as an all-purpose tool for those on a budget.


Koolatron P20 12v Compact Cooler

Perfect for tailgating, the Koolatron 12v Cooler plugs into the cigarette lighter in your car. An optional wall-adapter makes the Koolatron valuable for home and away games. Its ability to turn from beverage cooler into food warmer makes for a versatile instrument. The $129.99 cooler takes a long time to get cold and the manufacturer advises the product to be used as a warmer for only 45 minutes, so like all the other products, some pre-game plays need to be planned.