Charlie Wilson’s War

Rated 3.0

Based on the true story of Texas congressman Charlie Wilson (Tom Hanks) and the secretive dealings that led to the defeat of the Soviet Union in Afghanistan. While Hanks is fine in the role, the best thing about the film is Philip Seymour Hoffman as a disgruntled CIA man. His office temper tantrum is a classic, and his rapport with Hanks is terrific. On the down side, Julia Roberts is rather terrible as a Texas millionaire who assists Wilson (her accent is distracting), and the talented Amy Adams is wasted in a nothing role. This is a big subject, yet the film (directed by Mike Nichols) feels abbreviated, coming in at just over 90 minutes. Seems like there should’ve been more story to tell. The ending feels rushed and abrupt. The first good film from Hanks since his much debated turn in The Ladykillers (I loved it, but most hated it).