Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Rated 4.0

Tim Burton, who has never had a problem touching other people’s creations (Batman, Planet of the Apes) remakes Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory with a big budget and his characteristically quirky touch. Johnny Depp occupies the role played by Gene Wilder in the original, and his Wonka creation is a demented delight. Softspoken, eccentric and just a little sadistic at times, Depp makes for an all-original Wonka instead of rehashing Wilder’s infamous work. Burton takes the land of Roald Dahl’s book as a nice opportunity to pull off some of his better visuals since Edward Scissorhands, and longtime compatriot Danny Elfman provides a fun score. The Ooompa Loompas are all played by one man (Deep Roy) who is digitally recreated over a hundred times. Freddie Highmore, one of the great young actors working today, is perfection as the kindhearted Charlie. A great family film, and yet another terrific performance from the amazing Depp.