Chamber suggests votes

Paycheck message

The Reno-Sparks Chamber of Commerce has provided employers with a “paycheck stuffer”—a list of candidates that will fit inside a paycheck envelope—and is encouraging them to “print out, copy … and insert [it] into your paycheck envelopes.”

The candidates are about who would be expected—conservatives, plus inevitable winners in non-competitive races who under other circumstances would not get the time of day from the Chamber.

“Studies have shown that employees trust the recommendation of their employers when it comes to political matters and candidates,” reads an accompanying letter from Chamber lobbyist Tray Abney. “In order for the business community to have an impact on this election, we need to get the word out about our pro-economic freedom candidates. That means ensuring that this endorsement list is distributed beyond the people in your company who receive this email. It means making sure that every person in your company has this list in their hands when they go into the voting booth.”

The list does not include a choice for the presidential race.