Chain thinkers meet

Three law and government affairs firms have organized an invitation-only conference on Feb. 6 to discuss blockchain—the technology upon which cryptocurrencies like bitcoin rely. Blockchain, put very simply, is a decentralized, encrypted ledger that maintains continuously updated transaction records on many different computers simultaneously. The conference, which is being held at the Nevada Museum of Art, will bring together blockchain experts, state officials, businesspeople and lobbyists to discuss the technology’s possible applications in Nevada. A limited number of tickets were made available to the members of the public through an online application form.

According to a press release, “The event is focused on creating a braintrust that will eventually create a principle-based policy and regulatory system that provides protections for users while fostering legal certainty and a stable environment for developers and industry.”

The organizers are Clift & Co., a Reno-based government affairs firm; McDonald Carano LLP, a Reno/Las Vegas law firm, and Reno-based Cafferata & Co.