Cedar Rapids

Rated 3.0

Ed Helms plays Tim Lippe, a sheltered insurance salesman who finds himself traveling out of town—and flying for the first time—to Cedar Rapids for a convention. There, he meets a loudmouthed fellow salesman (John C. Reilly, stealing the movie as he often does) and a married woman (Anne Heche) who takes a shine to him. He also befriends a hooker (Alia Shawkat), gets drunk for the first time, gets high on coke for the first time, and finds himself involved in a bribery scheme. Helms is good here, getting to show his mild mannered side while not abandoning his abilities to show somebody going crazy—his coked up scenes are quite memorable. Reilly just excels at playing lovable jerks, and he might qualify as the best reason to see the movie.