Catch and Release

Rated 1.0

A tedious tale of a woman (Jennifer Garner) who loses her fiancé on the eve of their wedding, finds out all sorts of stuff about him after his death and starts screwing around with Timothy Olyphant before the corpse is cold. This film is dreary, not because it deals with death, but because director Susannah Grant paces this thing like a funeral where nobody gives a shit about who died. The only one injecting anything close to life into this clunker is Kevin Smith, doing his first big turn as an actor away from his own projects. While the script gives his character some ridiculous moments, he weathers them nicely and scores some laughs. As for Garner, she deserves better than this. For one moment, the film actually requires her to do the old “I hate you!” slap, slap, yell, grab “OK, I love you!” kiss, kiss routine, and it’s pathetic. This has lots of talented people totally wasting their time and ours.