Casinos: ACA yes, Yucca no

Casinos: ACA yes, Yucca no

Gambling industry lobby groups have called on Congress to leave intact provisions in the Affordable Care Act dealing with treatment of addicted gambling.

“We would be concerned with any paring back of essential health benefits that eliminates ‘gambling disorders,’” said a letter from the groups to congressional leaders and the secretary of Health and Human Services. “Inclusion of behavioral health is critical to ensuring integrated and comprehensive health care in the United States, and this approach has increased access to treatment for gambling disorders. While research shows that the majority of patrons set a budget of under $200 when they visit a casino, those who struggle with a gambling disorder deserve access to treatment.”

The letter was signed by representatives of the National Indian Gaming Association, National Council on Problem Gambling, Association of Gaming Equipment Manufacture, and the American Gaming Association.

A few days later, the American Gaming Association came out against any revival of plans for a dump for high level nuclear wastes at Yucca Mountain in Nye County.

“AGA opposes any effort to revive Yucca Mountain as a repository and will work tirelessly with the many concerned citizens, small-business operators and members of Congress to ensure that radioactive waste is never stored anywhere near the world’s premier tourist, convention and entertainment destination,” a statement by the group said.