Can't weight

Welcome to this week's Reno News & Review.

I've complained about this before, but since we're about to start tabulating the votes in our Biggest Little Best of Northern Nevada, I figure I'll bring it up now before I have something real to complain about.

I had a pretty good, balanced-if-hectic life until I started pursuing the second concurrent master's degree. I had my reasons for doing them at the same time, but needless to say, I had to cut some things out of my life—gardening, drinking to excess, and going to the gym—in order to advance my plan.

Well, I'm sure all of you know what happens to people who lose balance. I grew gradually more stressed, and with me anyway, the stress increases gut fat. So I'm up to 235.

I'm putting the English master's on hold for a semester, at which point, I hope to apply for the MFA in writing, using the stuff I have so far, as much of it as applies anyway. We'll see, though. There are no guarantees.

But to restore that balance that was stressing me out, I've added gardening and lifting weights back into the mix. Truth be told, I also added drinking to excess for a minute, but that was more of a “I'm on vacation!” sort of thing. Since I've got to lose about 30 pounds to feel comfortable in my skin, the booze will have to go about the time the semester starts. Have I ever told you my theory of fat storage? My body can use four things for fuel—carbs, protein, fat, alcohol—and if I limit any two, I'll lose weight. Almost every diet is based on this premise, even those that claim to be based on calorie restriction, because they usually cut down fats and alcohol.

I'll lift weights three times a week until school starts, and then I'll drop to two. I hope to get back down to 205 by Thanksgiving.

I work out at SportsWest since the newspaper has trade there. Anyone who feels like focusing on their waistline for a few months is welcome to join me. Let's make a plan.