California parks closure threatened

A threatened shutdown of California state parks is raising concern on this side of the border. Nevada day trippers who use parks like Grover Hot Springs, Plumas Eureka, Burton Creek, Donner Memorial, Kings Beach, Tahoe State, Emerald Bay, Sugar Pine Point, and D.L. Bliss state parks are trying to rouse Nevadans to get organized.

“This is Earth-shattering news to everyone who has ever been inspired or made a favorite memory at a California state park,” wrote Janine Simonoski of Sparks in an email message to her mailing list.

“Get informed and active in opposing this hideous plan at,” she urged.

California faces a $24 billion shortfall. The Sacramento Business Journal has argued that the parks are revenue producers, generating an average of $57.63 per visit, including $33 outside of the park. Out-of-staters like Nevadans, who account for 12 percent of park users, spend even more—about $185 per visit. However, these figures were produced by a study paid for by the California parks system itself.