Cabin Fever

Rated 4.0 Lots of people bleed real good in this funny, disgusting, old-school horror film from newbie director Eli Roth. When a bunch of college students head to a secluded forest cabin for a retreat, their campfire beer blasting is rudely interrupted by a flesh eating virus. The film then becomes a study in paranoia and betrayal as the students do everything in their power to avoid illness, and this includes locking one of their best friends in a woodshed so she can decompose out of sight. A strong young cast led by Rider Strong, James DeBello and Jordan Ladd endure plenty of hours in grotesque make-up, and participate in some of the more traumatizing sex scenes you will see in a major motion picture. More funny than scary, although it does offer a few good jolts. Horror fans will rejoice with this one.