Business for Nevada

Dr. Robert C. Wheems, dean emeritus of the College of Business Administration, puts out a history of business education surprisingly more riveting than an Accounting 101 class. Published by the Black Rock Press, Business for Nevada: The College of Business Administration at the University of Nevada, 1887-2000, is actually interesting. As the founding dean in 1956, Dr. Wheems exudes parental pride in the college’s ability to be "deeply intertwined not only with the history of the University of Nevada, Reno, but the state itself"—and the business community. Black and white photos of old Reno and Renoites, like Justin Morrill of Morrill Hall fame, Dr. Bill Eadington (sporting a rakish ‘60s look) and current Dean Mike Reed, are supported by simple, conservative narrative. However, the faculty’s interactions with business pioneers like Si Redd, Frank Bender and Ben Scott were opportunities for funding—not the college’s "Nevada spirit of creativity, innovation, action and boldness." The college was just taking care of business.