Burn bound

Welcome to the 2010 Prep for the Playa

We at the Reno News & Review put together our Prep for the Playa guide every year. Typically, we devote about a half page to telling you what to bring to Burning Man. That’s prime real estate in this little guide, but honestly, Burningman.com has a pretty extensive list of what to bring in its Survival Guide section under “Radical Self Reliance.” That said, what kind of guide would we be if we didn’t provide a little packing guidance? So, the top 10 things to bring to Burning Man: 1) Water 2) Sunblock 3) Earplugs—unless you hate sleep and love techno 4) Goggles and/or bandana for dust 5) Baby wipes 6) Hand sanitizer 7) Costume(s) 8) Chapstick and lotion (Though the Lubrication Ladies will be roaming the playa to assuage your cracked lips and dry skin with moisturizing items, it’s best to bring your own.) 9) Something warm (coat, hat, etc.), as nights are cold 10) One-ply toilet paper.

A few more tidbits for you:

There are three new public plazas at 3, 6 and 9 o’clock with unreserved camping for the general public. It’s being called an experiment in “spontaneous urban planning.”

Coffee prices are up to $3 a cup from $2 at Center Camp. (Pssst … for about the same price over the course of a week, you could buy a French press.)

Oh, and especially for Nevadans: Join fellow Nevada Burners at 4 p.m. at the Man on Thursday, Sept. 2 for the “First Lawful Group Portrait.” You’re asked to dress in a way representative of a Nevadan … suit and tie, right?

Have a great burn.