Bullet to the Head

Rated 2.0

Like Arnold Schwarzenegger before him in The Last Stand, Sylvester Stallone gives it his all in service to a script that fails to distinguish itself. The results? Nobody seems to care about either star vehicle. Walter Hill (48 Hrs.) directs in a very Walter Hill way, meaning his action/buddy films tend to feel the same. Unfortunately, this one has more in common with his Another 48 Hrs., in which the formula had already gotten tired. Stallone plays a tattooed thug named James Bonomo, and his buddy is South Korean Taylor Kwon (Sung Kang), which leads to more than a few uncomfortable racist jokes. The plot involves the usual crap: a double cross, a partner getting killed, somebody getting kidnapped and ax fights. You must give credit to Stallone; he looks great and he delivers his stupid lines with much aplomb. Kang is just there for the ride, offering little in a role once meant for Thomas Jane. I will say that this film features the best Christian Slater scene is a long while. But one great Slater scene does not a good movie make.