Building green in Reno

Some local businesses made major green improvements to their buildings this year, and the City of Reno took notice. The winners of the 2008 Green Building Recognition Awards are: · Patagonia, for its LEED Gold certified building that includes solar photovoltaics, solar radiant heating, natural ventilation and tracking skylights. · Joe Crowley Student Union at UNR for using daylighting, solar orientation, a solar PV system, energy-efficient appliances and recycled materials. · Somersett Town Square for reducing light pollution, having a sub-surface irrigation system, solatube lighting and fans that bring in fresh air to all parts of the building. · Cathexes. The local architecture firm uses daylighting and urban in-fill—using vacant or underused properties in an urban area. · Eight on Center. The complex of city lofts was built under principles of urban in-fill, is highly insulated, energy-efficient, uses natural day lighting and ventilation, bamboo floors, low VOC paints, drip irrigation, no lawn, and a designated recycling area.