Building for sale

The Reno Gazette-Journal is going to place its building for sale, and will outsource its printing to the Swift Communications’ Sierra Nevada Media Group (SNMG) in Carson City. This is where several local newspapers are printed, including the Nevada Appeal, Northern Nevada Business Weekly, and, oddly enough, the Reno News & Review.

Via email, SNMG’s Robert Sperry told an RN&R staffer that he didn’t foresee any confidentiality problems arising from two newspapers from the same market printing in the same facility.

“I assure you there will be no such problems,” he wrote. “We are pretty well versed in printing competing publications at Lake Tahoe, in Bishop and Mammoth Lakes, etc.”

The RG-J announced the sale via an article in its own pages as well as by press release.

“The decision was made to create operational efficiencies and as a result of Carson City’s newer equipment, color capabilities will increase, giving advertisers more options.” said RG-J President Ryan Kedzierski in the release.

Neither the article in the RG-J nor the press release mentioned how many, if any, potential layoffs might result from the change. Current RG-J employees said they were not allowed to comment on record about the move. And despite being listed in the press release as the contact for “media inquiries,” Kedzierski did not respond to multiple requests for comment.