Rated 2.0

Agnes, an abused wife (Ashley Judd), awaits the return of her convict ex-husband, Jerry (Harry Connick Jr.). While doing so, she meets Peter, a quiet, strange man (Michael Shannon). The two become quick friends and lovers, with Peter slowly exhibiting signs of paranoia. He claims that Agnes’ apartment has bugs biting him, progressing into full-on rage as he believes the bugs were implanted in him by the military, and they’re feeding on his blood while transmitting signals. Agnes, in need of something to hold onto, goes along for the deranged ride. Director William Friedkin (The Exorcist) occasionally gives the film a true sense of dread, and the two leads act their pants off. Still, it feels forced, with the film’s roots in a stage play all too obvious. Marketed as a horror film, this is more of a psychological thriller—and a pretty ridiculous one at that.